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For any keen motorist who is looking to get the most out of their cars, MME are the ME dealers for Superchips upgraded CPUs. Over 15 years, Superchips have developed a unique set of applications for most modern cars, including Non-Turbos or Turbos.

Non Turbo (normally aspirated engine) cars
Superchip's re-mapping of the on board computer gives up to 10% more power. Other annoying traits such as hesitation and poor throttle response, that can occur on computer-controlled cars, are eliminated making the car more lively and responsive. This makes in-town driving a pleasure, requiring less gear changing with a smooth and progressive engine response.

Turbo cars
There are impressive gains of up to 25% more power and torque. Driving pleasure is increased through less gear changing and you will feel that your car is more lively and responsive. Superchips do this by increasing the manufacturer's boost limit. And with the reprogrammed computer matching the car's ignition timing and fuelling, long term reliability of the engine is retained.


For more information, contact the Motorsport Middle East sales team by email at info@motorsportme.com or by telephone on +973 3661 7617.


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