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The speed machines, Clientele, September 2009
The competition gets hotter, BTM, April 2009
Ready for the rev, Bahrain Clientele, April 2009
Salahuddin lifts Caterham title, GDN, 2nd June 2007
Salahuddin eyes double, GDN, 1st June 2007
Kellogg and Spahn race to victory, GDN, 20th May 2007
Al Faisal, Alowais race to BMW victories, GDN 19th May 2007
Cater-ing to fast car fans, Bahrain Tribune, 12th Mar 2007
Lovell lifts Caterham title, GDN, 11th Mar 2007
Mariot fastest in qualifying, GDN, 10th Mar 2007
Mohammed off to a great start, GDN, 18th Feb 2007
EVO Diary, Issue 91, Feb 2007, Arabia Motors
Salahuddin races to victory, GDN, 6th Jan 2007
Drivers raring to go at circuit, GDN, 5th Jan 2007
TACTICS MME project Diary, Issue 90, Jan 2007, Arabia Motors
Spahn wins Mini Cooper race , GDN, 24th Dec 2006
Idafar wins as leaders crash, GDN, 23rd Dec 2006
Kellogg wins a double in Mini Cooper, GDN, 12th Dec 2006
Salahuddin first in qualifying, GDN, 9th Dec 2006
TACTICS MME project Diary, Issue 89, Dec 2006, Arabia Motors
Knockout Round, Issue 89, Dec 2006, Arabia Motors
Al Sheikh is clear winner , GDN, 12th Nov 2006
Salahuddin starts on winning note, GDN, 11th Nov 2006
TACTICS MME Project Diary, Issue 88, Nov 2006, Arabia Motors
TACTICS Racing, Issue 87, Oct 2006, Arabia Motors
The Mitsubishi Evolution, Issue 87, Oct 2006, Arabia Motors
The Man & The Machine, Issue 87, Oct 2006, Arabia Motors


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